Wednesday, 13 June 2007

EviDents search engine for evidence-based Dentistry

EviDents is a medical search engine for evidence-based dentistry developed by the Center for Evidence-based Dentistry at the Forsyth Institute. It searches PubMed using its own search interface, allowing the MeSH browser to be used in order to find the most appropriate MeSH term for the search.

Particularly nice is the way it allows you to frame your question, using PICO, narrowing your search down by clinical issue (treatment/diagnosis/prognosis/etiology) and search type (Broad/Focused). It is also possible to limit it to systematic reviews only, public health, and age limits (pedodontics/none).

Search strategies are based upon work done at the Forsyth Institute.

I have done some test searches and results are promising, especially when compared against PubMed's own Clinical Queries. Give it a go and let me know!