Thursday, 28 June 2007

E-Learning 3.0 - adding the 3rd dimension to Dentistry

CyberDenT is an exciting community site for dental e-learning concepts and projects. You will find many examples of e-learning applied to dentistry, such as interactive models of teeth and periodontic procedures.

The example below is a demonstration of a procedure used for inserting a dental implant, and is just one of many resources presented on the site.

[Image: elearning 3.0 - adding the 3rd dimension : vlearning, viewed: 28/06/07 <>]

The site includes innovate dental training concepts across a wide range of dental disciplines. Particularly interesting is the use of what CyberDent calls bleeding edge 3D PDF which includes innovative uses of animation and tests to enhance the elearning experience. Acrobat 8 will be required to produce projects such as these. Given the current focus on e-learning in the University this is a site that the Faculty should be monitoring as it investigates e-learning opportunities.