Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Evidentista - Pan American Centers for Evidence-based Dentistry

Another evidence-based dentistry site, Evidentista contains guidelines on how to practice evidence-based dentistry, as well as clinical Q&A's across a wide range of dental disciplines, from endodontics and oral surgery/oral medicine to orthodontics and more. Article abstracts which answer the clinical questions are drawn from Evidence-based Dentistry, and the articles themselves are downloadable via the University of Sydney Library Catalogue.

Evidentista is produced by the Pan American Centers for Evidence-based Dentistry, in collaboration with institutions such as the Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry, Oxford, The Forsyth Institute, Boston, Evidence-based Dentistry Journal, and The Cochrane Library, to name a few.

It is a very good site, but would be further enhanced by having a search facility built in to ease access to the information contained in the site. It would also be good to know a bit more about the staff, such as their backgrounds, and perhaps more importantly their qualifications in evidence-based dentistry. Try it out, and let me know what you think.