Thursday, 6 June 2013

New books received this week

Treatment of TMDs: bridging the gap between advances in research and clinical patient management. / Charles S. Greene (ed). Hanover Park, IL: Quintessence, 2013.

Every chapter provides an overview of new research in the field and its potential for changing future patient care. Covering such clinically relevant topics as the relation of abnormal joint function to joint pathology, the prediction of treatment responsiveness, how sleep disorders affect TMJ and facial pain, the role of comorbid conditions in pain response and management, and the evolving field of pharmacotherapeutics, this book is sure to transform the way clinicians think about TMDs and how they approach TMD treatment.

The face: pictorial atlas of clinical anatomy. / Ralf J. Radlanski. London: Quintessence, 2012.

This atlas provides a unique contribution to the study of facial anatomy in which readers are allowed to explore deeper into the anatomy as the layers are stripped away, one by one. It features elaborate composite illustrations created in layers, starting from the skeleton and working out to the surface of the skin. CT scans are used for the skeletal template, MRI series depict the inner layers of the facial region, angiographs report the anatomy of the blood vessels, and photographs of anatomical specimens as well as a living model fill out the rest.

Implant therapy: the integrated treatment plan. / Mauro Merli. Milan: Quintessenza Edizioni, 2013.

The current emphasis on patient-centered medicine necessitates revision of the diagnostic and therapeutic process toward an integrated treatment plan that promotes collaboration among the specialties as well as the patient's active participation. This text describes how to implement such a treatment plan for patients requiring implant treatment in an area of esthetic and/or functional interest.