Thursday, 13 June 2013

New e-books

Fluoride and the oral environment / Marília A.R.B Bauru (ed). Basel, Switzerland: Karger, 2011.

This volume brings together current concepts relating to the use of fluoride in dentistry. As a clear up-to-date summary of current thinking in the field, this book will be essential reading for research workers and postgraduate students. Established researchers and teachers in both clinical and basic sciences will find it to be a valuable addition to their libraries, and clinicians will be able to better evaluate the current scientific evidence on the advantages as well as the hazards of fluoride in dentistry.

Anatomy for dental students / D.R. Johnson and W.J. Moore. 3rd ed., Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997.

This book aims to provide the dental student with a description of all the gross, neurological, and developmental anatomy (apart from that of the dentition itself) necessary for the practice of dentistry and its major specialties. It is designed primarily as a textbook for the undergraduate student who is pursuing a practical course in topographical anatomy, but contains enough detail for the postgraduate dentist reading for additional qualifications.

Endodontic radiology / Bettina Basrani, (ed). 2nd ed., Ames, Iowa: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2012.

More than an overview of equipment, the book delves into radiographic interpretation, differential diagnosis, technical difficulties and special circumstances when taking radiographs during the endodontic treatment, and how to choose the correct radiographic technique to obtain the desired images. Chapters explain general radiographic techniques; intraoral techniques; standard radiographs and interpretation; digital radiographs and their manipulation, storage, and interpretation; and CBCT principles, techniques, and clinical considerations.