Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Short online tutorials on using ABS data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics now has a series of short online tutorials on using ABS data. These may be used for teaching or to help you to understand and make the best use of ABS information. The following tutorials are now available on the ABS home page:

Basic Community Profile Tutorial How to find your area of interest and download Census data.
Navigating and Searching the ABS Website Description of main elements on ABS website home page and demonstration of some different ways of searching the website.
How to Find Consumer Price Index (CPI) Data Tutorial Description of how to find Consumer Price Index (CPI) data on the website, what it measures and how to use it.
Finding Indigenous Data Tutorial How to find data about people who identify as being of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin or both and other related information on the ABS website.
Understanding ABS Geography Tutorial Introduction to the main geographical levels used by the ABS for organising data.
Understanding CDATA online How to create and customise your own data needs using CDATA Online. Help with creating a table, customising your table, custom data, and viewing graphs and maps.