Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Have you noticed a new link on the Faculty home page?

It is at
It is on the left
It is called libraryPLUS
And it is there for one reason only: You.

For students:
• Check out the list of core e-books and multimedia resources you can use in learning
• For a quick 'one-stop-shop' to core resources please mouse over Basic Sciences, Dental Specialties or General Dentistry and select any area of interest
• Find biostatistics, epidemiology and evidence-based practice resources for your PEARLS under EBP
• Click Write, cite and publish for help with citing and compiling bibliographies for assignments or with writing literature reviews
• Explore the other tags, there are heaps of other useful information on this site

For staff:
• Check out the core e-books and use them in teaching. Our students are all over the place but e-books can be accessed from anywhere.
• Look at Basic Sciences, Dental Specialties, General Dentistry and EBP resources and make suggestions for inclusion/exclusion and purchase of new material
• Learn how to measure your research output and get help with citing, writing and publishing
• Explore novel e-learning resurces, they could change the way you access, teach, communicate and assess knowledge. Please provide feedback on individual resources and suggest new ones! You can do this online on the same page.

The sole purpose of this site is to enhance your learning and teaching experience. Please make the best of it and help make it better for our current and future students and staff.