Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The top 10 E-learning tools

The UK Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) recently asked e-learning experts from around the world to list their top 10 tools. 79 experts have responded so far, with FireFox being the top pick. To view the complete list, go to the top 10 favourite tools.

They have also compiled a learning toolbox, of both personal and producers toolsets. The top items in the personal toolset are:

  1. Web browser: Firefox
  2. Calendar: Google Calendar
  3. RSS Reader: Google Reader
  4. Email: Gmail
  5. Start Page: iGoogle
  6. Social bookmarking tool: del.icio.us
  7. Podcast/music player: iTunes
  8. PDF Reader: Adobe reader
  9. Social network site: Facebook
  10. Instant Messenger: Skype
  11. Useful resource site: Google search
  12. Desktop search/organiser: Google Desktop

This is just the main list, and the site also suggest alternatives. Personally, I would use 6 of the services on the main list, and 10 on the alternatives, but what I find is that I tend to try tools out, and retain or discard them depending on how useful they are and how well they fit into my workflow.

C4LPT have also developed a producer's toolkit, which will be of more use to the e-learning designer who wants to know what else is available for their use. Go to the learning toolbox to find out more.