Tuesday, 17 July 2007

MDConsult Dental collection

Early in 2007 the Library obtained subscriptions to eight textbooks in the MDConsult Dental Collection:

Aschheim, KW, Dale, BG, 2001, Esthetic dentistry : a clinical approach to techniques & materials,
2nd edn, Mosby, St. Louis.

Cohen, S, Hargreaves, KM & Keiser, KDDS 2006, Pathways of the pulp,
9th edn, Elsevier Mosby, St. Louis, Mo.

Dionne, R, Phero, JC & Becker, DE 2002, Management of pain & anxiety in the dental office,
Saunders, Philadelphia.

Gage, TW & Pickett, FA 2005, Mosby's dental drug reference,
7th edn, Mosby, St. Louis, Mo.

Little, JW 2002, Dental management of the medically compromised patient,
6th edn, Mosby, St. Louis.

Regezi, JA, Sciubba, JJ & Jordan, RCK 2003, Oral pathology: clinical pathologic correlations, 4th edn, Saunders, St. Louis, Mo.

Stefanac, SJ & Nesbit, SP 2007, Treatment planning in dentistry, 2nd edn, Mosby/Elsevier, St. Louis, Mo.

Weiss, C 2001, Principles and practice of implant dentistry, Mosby, St. Louis, Mo.

You can access these by searching the Library Catalogue, but did you know that you can search MDConsult itself to get access to the information in these texts and more?

For example, if you do a search for mouthwashes and gingivitis you will retrieve six references from First Consult, four references from textbooks in the MDConsult collection, sixty-six results from a Medline search, seven articles from the Clinics series, as well as five references to patient education information. It is also possible to retrieve drug information, images, and clinical guidelines, depending on your topic. It's a great resource for getting an overview of a topic area in a PBL situation - try it today!

[MDConsult can be accessed via the Library Catalogue, or via the Databases and Electronic Resources page on the Library website]