Monday, 30 July 2007

The Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health

Searching the Internet for dental or oral health information may seem fairly straightforward these days, but there are very few high quality resources available out there that can teach you how to do it well. The Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health by Intute is one such resource, and although it has a UK bias in the links to the sites it provides, it teaches you how to search and use the Internet in a logical and intuitive manner. The tutorial is divided into 4 sections:

  1. The Tour - guides you to key websites in dentistry in the UK, and provides you with a quick quiz so that you can test your knowledge of the Internet.
  2. Discover - How to search the Internet for different types of information, compare search tools, try some test searches to see how the search engines differ, and most importantly, some useful tips for creating a good search strategy.
  3. Judge - the good and the bad on the Internet, plus it provides you with a set of criteria to evaluate web pages, and a quick quiz to test you on what's good and bad.
  4. Success - Practical examples of how people have searched the Internet successfully, and what their search strategies were.
One of its handiest features is the link basket, which allows you to collect links to the various websites listed on the tutorial. By completing all of the individual sections of the tutorial you have the basics of a very good list of of online dental resources.

The Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health is a good site to recommend to your students if you want to them to use the Internet to it's potential, and a good one for you if you want to refresh your own knowledge of what's available in dentistry.