Monday, 13 May 2013

New e-books

Oxford handbook of epidemiology for clinicians / Helen Ward (et al). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

The Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians provides all the information required by students and junior doctors who need to understand and translate key epidemiological concepts into medical practice. Divided into four sections, the handbook begins with the basics of epidemiology in the clinic, moving on to the theories behind evidence-based practice, discussions of optimum methods and studies, and then ends by looking at the epidemiology of common diseases.

Implants in clinical dentistry / Richard M. Palmer (et al). 2nd ed., New York : Informa Healthcare, 2012.

An increasing number of dental practitioners are considering dental implants in the treatment of their patients. The range of applications, protocol variations, the complexity of implant systems and related management have all increased dramatically over the last decade, and this may be bewildering to the newcomer to implant dentistry. This text considers the main implant systems for various clinical indications in an unbiased fashion, indicating their potential advantages and disadvantages. Extensive colour illustrations are included.

Forensic dental evidence: an investigator's handbook. / C. Michael Bowers. 2nd ed., Amsterdam ; Boston: Elsevier/Academic Press, 2011.

Forensic Dental Evidence, Second Edition provides the base for investigating, identifying and processing forensic dental evidence. This edition leads off with an explanation of dental nomenclature and quickly advances to the newest developments in trace dental evidence, methods for trace DNA evidence, and mass disaster cases (9/11, Bali, Thailand). Bowers covers how digital imaging of evidence has assisted in cases where incarcerated individuals have been exonerated.