Monday, 15 April 2013

New books received this week

Layers: an atlas of composite resin stratification / Jordi Manauta. Milan: Quintessenza Edizionei, 2012.

Despite the many advances of contemporary dental research in biomaterials and tissue regeneration, no dental material can perfectly correspond to natural tooth. The authors of this dynamic atlas posit that it is the mastery of layering technique and not the material itself that is most important in recreating natural-looking restorations. This reference book uses over a thousand images to explore the stratification of natural tooth and demonstrate solutions for how to arrange layers of composite resin to recreate the color, opacity, shape, and surface abnormalities of natural tooth.

Dental history presentations: project history of dentistry in Australia / P.D. Barnard. St. Leonards: Australian Dental Association, 2012.

A collection of many hundreds of powerpoint slides and historical images used in Dental History Presentations by Dr Peter Barnard between 1988 and 2012. The presentations cover a wide range of dental history topics such as the online Dental Museum, milestones in Australian dentistry, dental offices and surgeries in the 60s, and the Dental Therapy School at Westmead.