Saturday, 16 February 2013

Master Dentistry revision guide series in print

We just received the print volumes of the Master Dentistry series we earlier purchased in full text:

Master dentistry, Volume 1: Oral and maxillofacial surgery, radiology, pathology and oral medicine. / Paul Coulthard (et al.) 2nd ed., Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier, 2008

This book is designed as a revision guide for dental students and offers the "curriculum essentials" in an easy-to-digest format. Each section is fully illustrated throughout and is supported by extensive self-assessment questions which allow the reader to assess their own knowledge of the topic and perfect their exam techniques.

Master dentistry, Volume 2: Restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry and orthodontics. / Peter Heasman (ed) 2nd ed., Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier, 2008.

Now in colour, this second edition addresses the restorative, paediatric and orthodontics aspects of dentistry and is perfect for both undergraduate students and post-graduates preparing for the MFDS or international equivalents.

Master dentistry, Volume 3: Oral biology. / Barry K.B. Berkovitz (et al). 3rd ed., Edinburgh ; New York: Churchill Livingstone, 2011.

A new volume in the successful revision guide series - Master Dentistry - which offers a concise text covering the essentials of oral biology with accompanying self-assessment questions and model answers. Quick reference revision aid for dental students - ideal for exam preparation.