Thursday, 29 March 2012

Revised Oral & Dental Therapeutic Guidelines

The March 2012 eTG complete update is now available. eTG complete comprises all Therapeutic Guidelines topics integrated in a single easy-to-search product. It provides you with succinct, critically evaluated information to help you make the best decisions for your patients.

This release includes a complete revision of the Oral and Dental guidelines which consists of the following sections:

Principles of diagnosis and prescribing
Dental prescriptions and prescription-writing
Getting to know your dental drugs
Dental caries
Periodontal disease
Acute odontogenic and salivary gland infections
Oral mucosal disease
Orofacial pain
Antibiotic prophylaxis
Local anaesthesia
Anxiolysis and sedation for dental procedures
Post-treatment pain management
Dental management of patients with medical conditions
Medical emergencies in dental practice
Management of dental problems for medical practitioners
Drugs and sport
Dental procedures and drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Glossary of dental terms