Monday, 13 June 2011

Self-guided instructional material: Fixed Partial Denture

Developed by Dr Ranier M. Adarve from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Fixed Partial Denture is a self-contained learning material designed primarily for dental students in preclinical programs as they learn and develop their skills in tooth preparation for fixed partial denture. It contains the outline of the step by step procedures as well as photos that easily guide learners as they practice the skill. It also provides learners information regarding the clinical implications of the procedure, thereby providing context and relevance. The use of this material is most beneficial for students who are new to the procedure, and want to learn at their own pace. It is also designed for faculty members to use the material to augment their teaching resources for students. Both student and faculty can download and print the material and use as a guide in learning fixed partial denture preparation. (Source: MedEdPORTAL, accessed on 13/06/2011)