Thursday, 13 January 2011

New books received this week

Terminating employment in a dental office / American Dental Association. Chicago, Ill. : American Dental Association, c2009.

Handle the difficult task of terminating employment effectively and with an understanding of the legal ramifications. Learn how to handle a crisis such as fraud or drug use, set up a system for progressive discipline, deal with employee leaves of absence, terminate an associate, and manage the mechanics of termination.

A few words from the chair: a patient speaks to dentists. / David Clow. United States: David Clow, 2008.

The first and only book written for dental professionals by a patient offering advice to established and new dental professionals on how to understand the things patients don’t get to say. It is a practical, timely way for dentists to build relationships, gain greater case acceptance from their patients, and create more fulfilling and lucrative practices.

Mistake free medical office design and construction: written exclusively for physicians & dentists. / Richard Boureston. Irvine, Calif. : SCMRE Publishing, c2009.

Whether you have been in a practice for a long time or just got out of medical or dental school you have one thing in common: you weren't taught anything about medical real estate in school. This book will give you the information you need methodically and yet casually.