Monday, 10 May 2010

Where scientists network nicknamed the “FaceBook for scientists” and claiming to help academics answer the question: who's researching what? an online community for biomedical researchers which claims to analyze the profiles of more than 1.8 million scientists.
Epernicus: founded in 2008, Epernicus claims to be “The shortest path to people and expertise in your scientific network”.
Laboratree: developed by Indiana University, Laboratree is both a social-networking site for scientists and a research-management tool.
ResearchGate: launched nearly two years ago, it now claims to have more than 250,000 members.
ResearchPages: a project-focused site for researchers, which has been live for a few years.
Scilink: dubbed the “LinkedIn for scientists”, Scilink is said to have mined over 104 million relationships from the literature, and to have more than 40,000 users.
VIVO: A new “Facebook for Scientists” developed as a joint initiative by universities in America, using an open-source platform developed at Cornell University.

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