Friday, 21 August 2009

You have never seen dental anatomy & occlusion like this before

Electronic atlas of human occlusion & the TMJ /produced by eHuman Digital Anatomy, Brown & Herbranson Imaging in association with Loma Linda University. [Portula Valley, CA] : Brown & Herbranson c2008.

Please note: Due to licence restrictions this DVD atlas can only be accessed in the Dentistry Library at SDH.

"This state-of-the-art TMJ/Occlusion Atlas is a ground-breaking resource combining high-quality computer models of the temporomandibular joint with 3-D interactive models and movies of mandibular movement and occlusal relationships. Detailed anatomy of the TMJ along with its unique features, muscles of mastication, ligaments, innervation and blood supply are displayed in animations based on real anatomy and in dissection images with annotations. Anatomically precise illustrations are displayed with the state-of-the-art viewing and interaction protocols. The Atlas also includes a number of review and self-assessment modules for students."

(Source:, accessed on 21/08/09)