Thursday, 25 June 2009

New books received this week

Master dentistry (Volume 2) / edited by Peter Heasman. 2nd ed. Edinburgh ; New York : Churchill Livingstone, 2008.

Description: Each section is fully illustrated and is supported by extensive self-assessment questions. This second edition addresses the restorative, paediatric and orthodontics aspects of dentistry and is perfect for both undergraduate students and post-graduates preparing for tests and exams.

Superconductivity / by S.L. Kakani, Shubhra Kakani. Tunbridge Wells : Anshan Ltd, 2009.

Description: A comprehensive introduction to the theory and modern applications of superconductivity, including new materials and the potential applications of superconductors.

The dental hygienist's guide to nutritional care. / Cynthia A. Stegeman. 3rd ed. St. Louis, Missouri : Saunders, c2010.

Description: Specifically tailored to address relevant nutritional concerns for practicing hygienists and dental hygiene students. Provides a comprehensive view of the field. Besides offering basic nutritional advice relevant for dental hygienists, it also covers current nutritional concerns, such as high-protein diets and bottled water versus tap water.

Evidence-based decision making : a translational guide for dental professionals. / Jane L. Forrest [et al.] Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2009.

Description: Learn how to formulate patient-centered questions, search for and appraise the evidence, apply the eveidence to your practice, and evaluate the process. An excellent book for evidence-based decision making in dentistry.