Thursday, 9 October 2008

Dental and medical images for learning & teaching

The Library subscribes to two image banks which provide copyright compliant, sourced images that can be used in your lecture notes, powerpoints and online units of study.

imagesMD is a collection of images taken from some core textbooks. All images contain correct citations so you are able use them and cite them correctly. You can create a personal account to store images and email them to yourself in PowerPoint format. (Unikey or Library barcode required)

MDconsult Another collection of images taken from textbooks provided by MDConsult. All images link back to the e-books and full citation is provided. Select the “Images” link from the top menu. You can email yourself images. (Unikey or Library barcode required)

Two alternative images banks are HONmedia by the Health On the Net Foundation and MEDIMAGES, a list of links to other pages and sites on the Internet offering biomedically related multimedia material, maintained by the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden). In both cases you will need to check the copyright statements regarding the use of their images for educational purposes.