Monday, 30 June 2008

New Medline online tutorials

Kathy Thorncraft at the Medical Library has produced six short online tutorials exploring the key features of Medline via OvidSP. The tutorials, which begin with getting started witth the new Basic Search, as well as setting up Personal Accounts and Auto-Alerts, focus on using Medline's advanced search feature.

The six tutorials are:

  1. Basic Search [2 Mins 28 secs]
  2. Personal Account/Creating Auto-Alerts [3 Mins 24 secs]
  3. Medline Advanced Search: Introduction [2 Mins 12 secs]
  4. Medline Advanced Search: Searching using MeSH [2 Mins 27 secs]
  5. Medline Advanced Search: Explode, Focus, and Subheadings [3 Mins 23 secs]
  6. Medline Advanced Search: Combining Searches and Limiting [4 Mins 8 secs]

The tutorials are ideal for those getting to grips with searching Medline, or are seeking to refresh there search skills after a long period away.