Tuesday, 25 March 2008

TRIP Database

The latest addition to DentistryLibrary@Sydney is the TRIP Database search gadget, which can be found in the sidebar to the right of this post. The Gadget will allow readers to enter a search query and quickly come up with a range of results that will address the query, ranging from systematic reviews to articles from PubMed, which are filtered using PubMed's own Clinical Queries filters.

The aim of the TRIP Database is to "...allow health professionals to easily find the highest-quality material available on the web - to help support evidence based practice"[TRIP Database: Introduction & Background]. It just might be the ideal tool for the busy clinician who needs access to a wide range of evidence-based products in a timely manner.

The TRIP Database also contains a My TRIP homepage, which allows the user to register their own profile and set up their own auto-alerts to retrieve clinical content whenever the database is updated. This looks like it might be a good way to keep to date with evidence-based practice in individual disciplines.

Finally, TRIP has added specialist sites, one of which is Oral Health. This specialist site allows you to see the latest news, view popular searches, and have your searches filtered to include the 11 specialist oral health journals initially offered by TRIP. I've added a link to this Oral Health Specialist site to the sidebar on the right.